Large Blue Flower Pattern Ceramic Ginger Jar


Large Blue Flower Patterned Ceramic Ginger Jar

Large blue flower ceramic ginger jar is a beautiful design. A perfect piece to add a touch of color and elegant to any dining room, lounge or entrance hall. The ginger jar size is  42 cm height by 22 cm diameter.


Large Blue Flower Pattern Ceramic Ginger Jar

Our large Blue flower design Ceramic Ginger Jars are a design classic. Shapely and decorative in all its blue and white glory. The large blue and white ginger jar stands proudly on a mantle piece in pairs. The ginger jars add a touch of color to any dinning room, lounge and entrance hall. Also if you like you can add different sizes and height to make a cluster of pots and ginger jars with a bowl to create interest in your living area.

You can make use of these large blue flower design ginger jars with lids in your dining room or lounge. Blue and white ceramic jars are classic and elegant and go with a surprisingly wide range of styles, from traditional to eclectic modern. These blue and white jars can be paired with our extra large blue swirl design ceramic ginger jars and are a great idea for your dining room decor. We also suggest displaying a grouping of various sized ceramics in blue and white, variations in shape and sizing can look attractive and make a statement.

These can also be used in your kitchen for storage of items around the kitchen. Fill a ginger jar with tea bags, a vase with wooden spoons. These blue and white pieces are beautiful as well as being functional too.

Decorators often suggest arranging classic blue and white ginger jars look atop a server or console. Place a few woven baskets beneath the table this will texture and balances the bold blue and white ceramics. You can also display a blue and white china jar with a lid alongside a blue and white ceramic planter with your choice of blooming indoor plant on a side table and works well near a woven basket of magazines below.

You can also use smaller jars or canisters in blue and white in bathrooms to store cosmetics, cotton wool or other bathroom personal products in a neat and presentable way.

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Dimensions 22 × 42 cm



Blue and White


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