White Ceramic Round Planter On Three Wooden Legs


White Ceramic Round Planter On Three Wooden Legs

Pair a blooming plant with this white ceramic planter on three wooden legs for refined accent to your patio. The measurement of this planter is 40 cm diameter by 31 cm high.

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White Ceramic Round Planter On Three Wooden Legs

This white ceramic round planter can be paired with your choice of blooming plant. This white ceramic planter has three legs for a refined accent to your patio. Ceramic is an organic material known for its promising properties: high tensile strength, low thermal and electric conductivity, high melting point, and durability.

This white ceramic round planter features an elegant design of leafy vines.It also adds color to your patio or outdoor area. You can use a planter to hold candle holders  for a feature on your outdoor entertainment area. 

However, the uses of this planter are not limited to use outdoors it can also be an elegant addition to your dining room or lounge. Garden plants in attractive plant holders are one way to add a homely and welcoming atmosphere to your home.

You can also use these white ceramic round planter as storage for blankets or other items that would otherwise clutter your home. Ceramic planters are perfect for households looking to make their home green and aesthetically pleasing.

Indoor or outdoor planters are becoming increasingly popular and commonly used for residential, industrial, and commercial interior decorating projects. Adding a house plant and this white ceramic round planter to your home or office can not only brighten a space but also create a relaxing ambiance to any room.

Some ideal houseplants to use in the planter are the Mother in Laws Tongue which is known to help improve indoor air quality and oxygen. Another good choice is a Bamboo Palm which is also a good plant used to improve air quality. If you would like a flowering plant that works well as an indoor plant a Peace Lily works well, not technically a flower the lilies adds to the white of the ceramic planter. 

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