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What is the best thread count for cotton sheeting?

best thread count cotton linen sheeting

What is the best thread count for cotton linen sheeting? Are you trying to decide which sheeting and bedding is best and getting confused by thread counts? Does high thread count mean higher quality? Firstly lets consider the question: What does thread count mean?

Lily Cape Linen sheeting is offered in 200 and 400 thread count

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to the number of threads horizontally or vertically per square inch of fabric. For example a fabric with a thread count of 200 should have 100 threads woven horizontally and 100 threads woven vertically per square inch. Generally, the higher the thread count makes the fabric more durable and softer. Let us consider what makes for the best thread count for cotton sheeting and bedding.

Let’s consider the two following thread counts to see the advantages of these:

200 Thread Count

Our 200 thread count range is made from 100% cotton percale fabric. Offering a higher density of threads and a plain weave, resulting in a crisp finish and soft feel. The thread count is not only breathable making it comfortable in warmer climates. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin as it is made using 100% cotton percale. View our range of 200 Thread count cotton percale fitted sheeting here and our full range of 200 thread count sheeting and bedding here.

400 Thread Count

If you are after high quality fine linens a 400 thread count would be your answer. It is also important to ensure that the fibers used are of a high standard such as our Egyptian cotton sheeting with a 400 thread count. The Egyptian cotton sheeting with sateen finish adds luxury to any bedroom and is made exclusively from the longer length Egyptian cotton fibres and is woven with a Sateen weave. This results in stronger, smoother threads and combined with a 400 thread count you have durable sheeting. It also offers ease of care for the sheeting compared to some other thread counts. Cotton threads allow for a breathable fabric which is still suitable for warmer climates but also suitable for cooler seasons too.

Ultimately the choice between thread counts depends on your own preferences regards to durability, breathability and feeling of the fabric as well as care. Consider what your preferences are then take a look at the high quality options Lilly Cape Linen have here.